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Neom: Unveiling the Future of Urban Innovation, Skiing Paradises, and Luxury Resorts



The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is leading an ambitious new urban development effort called Neom, or NEOM for short. Neom, which is located in the northwest Tabuk Province, is intended to be Saudi Arabia’s small-scale, free-market reaction to China’s explosive urbanisation. With Jordan to the north and Egypt to the west, Neom is a vast country spanning 26,500 square kilometres, directly north of the Red Sea (10,200 square miles).

Neom’s expansive ambitions include a variety of areas, including a floating industrial complex, a global commerce hub, opulent vacation destinations, and a linear city that runs entirely on renewable energy. Mohammed bin Salman, the prime minister of Saudi Arabia, officially opened this ground-breaking project.

Although the Saudi government’s construction plan originally called for the majority of Neom to be finished by 2039, others have questioned whether this enormous project is actually feasible. The project was supposed to be finished in large part by 2020, with an expansion planned for 2025. But by July 2022, just two structures had been constructed, and the vast majority of the project area remained undeveloped desert.

Neom continues to draw attention from around the world as it develops, symbolising both the lofty goals of the Saudi leadership and the difficulties that come with such a massive project.

Neom unveiled a ground-breaking addition to its imaginative landscape in January 2021: The Line, a linear city that stretches an amazing 170 kilometres (110 miles) in length and 200 metres (660 feet) in breadth throughout the Neom region. Nonetheless, in July 2022, The Line’s design experienced a major change.

The first idea, which called for several structures arranged in a straight line, was rethought. Rather, the updated plan combined these buildings into a single, uninterrupted structure that is characterised by an eye-catching all-glass exterior mirror. This architectural change offers a distinctive and futuristic style while departing from the traditional urban planning methodology.

The Line’s dedication to a car-free environment is one of its most notable characteristics. This innovative metropolis was carefully designed to be large enough to house an astounding nine million people. It is crucial to prioritise walkable communities, where all necessary services are ideally located within a five-minute walking distance. This intentional focus on accessibility seeks to reduce dependency on traditional transit while promoting a sense of community and a sustainable and peaceful living environment.

The Line sticks out as a tribute to Neom’s commitment to pushing the limits of urban planning and providing its citizens with an innovative, sustainable way of life as the city moves forward with its ground-breaking projects.

With the ambitious goal of finishing the project by 2020, the Neom project’s first phase, known as Neom Bay, was slated to begin development in the first quarter of 2019 (please note that this information may require updating). The many advancements in Neom Bay were about to represent the project’s first step towards turning the big idea into a physical reality.

The building of the Sharma airport was one of the main features of Neom Bay’s initial phase. The purpose of this airport is to enable regular commercial flights between Neom and Riyadh, highlighting Neom’s strategic significance as a centre for regional connectivity.


Oxagon, initially named Neom Industrial City, stands as an ambitious venture within the NEOM framework—a floating industrial complex distinguished by its unique octagonal design. Positioned approximately 25 kilometers (16 miles) north of Duba, Oxagon encompasses a substantial land area, ranging between 200 and 250 square kilometers (77–97 square miles), with around 40 square kilometers (15 square miles) dedicated to the city itself.

The primary focus of the Oxagon project revolves around fostering modern manufacturing, spearheading industrial research and development initiatives, with a particular emphasis on the expansion of the Duba port. This strategic positioning aligns with the broader vision of NEOM, aiming to establish Oxagon as a pivotal center for global trade flows. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman envisions Oxagon as a key player in servicing shipping routes traversing the Red Sea, underscoring its potential significance on the world stage.

The comprehensive plans for Oxagon extend beyond industrial activities. The complex is slated to house essential facilities, including a desalination plant to address water needs, a hydrogen plant for sustainable energy solutions, and an oceanographic research center, showcasing NEOM’s commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation.

A notable addition to Oxagon is the establishment of Tonomus, a cognitive multinational company. Originally conceived as NEOM Tech & Digital Company, Tonomus represents the first subsidiary to emerge from the NEOM project. This move signals NEOM’s commitment to fostering advanced technological enterprises within its innovative ecosystem.

In a significant development on December 16, 2022, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones, and NEOM signed a memorandum of understanding. This agreement aims to facilitate collaboration and establish necessary legislation in support of NEOM’s Future Factories Program, further solidifying the commitment to technological advancement and industrial innovation.

Despite the extensive details provided for Oxagon, a notable aspect remains undisclosed as of January 2023. NEOM has yet to provide information on how the complex will maintain its buoyancy as a floating structure, leaving room for anticipation and curiosity as the project unfolds. Stay tuned for further updates on this remarkable endeavor within the NEOM landscape.


The Trojena project, unveiled on March 3, 2022, is set to make history as the Arabian Peninsula’s premier outdoor skiing destination. Nestled approximately 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the Gulf of Aqaba coast in the Sarat Mountains, Trojena boasts elevations ranging from 1,500 to 2,600 meters (4,900 to 8,500 feet). Despite its desert location, the climate in Trojena is notably cooler than the surrounding territory within Neom.

Envisioned as a groundbreaking recreational venture, Trojena is positioned to redefine the landscape of outdoor activities in the region. The project promises a unique skiing experience against the backdrop of the Sarat Mountains, offering a thrilling escape for enthusiasts seeking adventure in the heart of the desert.

In a strategic partnership, Ennismore, a prominent lifestyle and hospitality company, has been named as the inaugural partner for Trojena. This collaboration brings together Ennismore’s expertise, along with its brands 25hours Hotels and Morgans Originals, to contribute to the development of Trojena as a world-class destination.

Adding another layer of architectural marvel to Trojena, Zaha Hadid Architects revealed plans for a striking 330-meter (1,080-foot) tall skyscraper in September 2023. Positioned on a mountain and overlooking an artificial lake, the skyscraper is designed to be a visual spectacle. The renders showcase a crystalline structure composed of numerous columns that gracefully narrow towards the peak. Connected to the lakeside development by a cable car, this architectural feat promises to be a symbol of innovation and modernity in the Trojena landscape.

As Trojena evolves, it embodies Neom’s commitment to diverse and visionary projects, offering a blend of recreational, architectural, and environmental experiences. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting endeavor as it takes shape against the breathtaking backdrop of the Sarat Mountains.


In a significant development in December 2022, Neom unveiled plans for Sindalah, an opulent resort complex situated off the city coast. Anticipated to span an impressive 1,100,000 cubic yards, Sindalah is poised to redefine luxury in the coastal landscape of the city.

The envisioned Sindalah complex is designed to be a haven of sophistication, featuring an 86-berth marina and three exquisite luxury hotels. With a capacity to host as many as 2,400 visitors daily, Sindalah emerges as a premier destination for those seeking unparalleled comfort and indulgence against the backdrop of Neom’s coastal beauty.

Adding to the allure of Sindalah, a nine-hole golf course was meticulously crafted in 2023. Positioned to overlook the sea, this golf course promises not only a sporting experience but also a scenic and tranquil backdrop for enthusiasts and visitors alike.

The announcement of Sindalah underscores Neom’s commitment to creating diverse and world-class offerings within its expansive development. As plans for Sindalah come to fruition, it is set to become a jewel in Neom’s crown, catering to those with a discerning taste for luxury, leisure, and breathtaking coastal experiences. Stay tuned for further updates as Sindalah takes shape and becomes an integral part of the Neom landscape.


Neom’s vision extends beyond urban development, encompassing sustainable agriculture as a pivotal component. The plan outlines the allocation of 6,500 hectares (16,000 acres) of the surrounding land to be dedicated to agricultural fields. This agricultural initiative underscores Neom’s commitment to self-sufficiency, environmental sustainability, and innovation in food production.

A notable aspect of Neom’s agricultural strategy is its reliance on genetically engineered crops. By integrating cutting-edge genetic technologies into the cultivation process, Neom aims to enhance crop yields, optimize resource utilization, and address the unique challenges posed by the region’s climate and terrain.

The emphasis on genetic engineering aligns with Neom’s broader commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation in various sectors. By incorporating advanced agricultural practices, Neom aspires to create a model for sustainable and efficient food production, contributing to both local and global food security.

As Neom progresses in transforming its ambitious vision into reality, the integration of agriculture into its development plan underscores the city’s holistic approach to create a balanced and self-sustaining ecosystem. Stay tuned for further developments as Neom pioneers innovative solutions in the realm of agriculture.


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